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Are you planning an event and scratching your head on how to find event specialists that meet your criteria?

Are you an event freelancer without any fair or free representation? Currently reliant on word of mouth placements or expensive agency commissions?

The Bureau

THE BUREAU is FREE to register for clients, candidates and suppliers and is your ONE STOP SHOP for The Event Industry

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THE BUREAU is a one stop shop that provides a complete security solution (including a full concierge service) that has the flexibility to meet a wide range of security requirements and will make sure that your event or business requirements have the secure integrity it deserves.

We welcome all security industry professionals to register on our database for FREE and we will enable our clients to select you based on their specific requirements. We also welcome NEW clients to register for FREE to enable full access to our security candidate database to make your choice. If you are a security registered company then why not register with us as a service provider also for FREE.


“During the consultancy phase of any Close Protection operation, we take the time to fully understand the client’s needs to ensure that we provide the correct level of service that suits your lifestyle and needs.”

THE BUREAU operatives have extensive experience in supplying security services & close protection personnel to Diplomats, High Net worth Individuals (HNWIs), VIPs, corporate clients and the entertainments industry in both hostile and corporate environments.

With ever-changing customer requirements it is essential for suppliers of security services to offer a exible, professional and tailored approach in order to offer utmost protection to each assignment.

We are able to provide male or female Close Protection operatives in the UK, Europe and virtually any country in the world.

THE BUREAU has the ability to deploy a single operator or Close Protection Teams to any part of the world within 48 hours (visas and flights permitting).

All of our operators are SIA qualified and registered and will adapt entirely to the client’s needs and requirements.

Whilst you are away, is your family safe?

Many people in the public eye or frequent travellers are exposed to risk when they leave their home unoccupied for extended periods. Business people are examples of this and in some instances their homes have been targeted whilst they are away on business on a regular basis.

Are your valued possessions safe. Insurance is ok but some items are irreplaceable.

Using fully qualified and vastly experienced Close Protection Officers who have protected some of the world’s most important people.

THE BUREAU are able to provide cost effective and practical advice on ways to secure your home, premises or estate.

THE BUREAU have the ability to deploy highly trained Residential Security Teams wherever they are required and for whatever time frame.

All of the staff that deploy as part of the teams have either served within The UKs Elite Armed Forces or they are seasoned Close Protection Officers, Licensed and experienced and thoroughly trustworthy.

Our staff are highly trained and familiar with the type of threats that will be faced; in some cases they can provide this service without entering the building providing you with an added level of comfort.

Delivering a comprehensive report on completion of the survey our clients will be able to easily understand what measures should be implemented within your budgetary constraints.


THE BUREAU are able to offer a fully integrated solution to secure your event. By utilising technical security equipment and highly trained staff we are able to secure your events whilst you enjoy yourselves.

Whether you are planning a wedding or  high pro le party and whether you are a corporate organisation seeking a secure environment for board meetings or AGMs or simply require a private and personal service we are able to provide you with a discreet and comprehensive package to safeguard you and your guests from unwanted attention or prying eyes.

Our Operations department will work with you from the initial planning stage of your event, ensuring that every aspect of your security has been considered and every eventuality is planned for before and during and in some cases after your event. Being available 24/7 we have staff on hand and are able to support our security teams on the ground and ensure your constant security.

THE BUREAU can offer continuous advice and support in security and risk management services and products to clients across the hospitality spectrum.

In today’s litigious society and criminal/ terrorist environment, it is absolutely essential for every hospitality organization to have a comprehensive security program which protects the organization’s assets and adequately meets its obligation to provide a reasonable degree of security and safety to third parties.

Employees, customers, management, clients, inventory, proprietary information, goods, equipment, vehicles, buildings, brand and reputation are all at risk. Today’s savvy customers will make their spending decisions based upon the level of security at your property.

THE BUREAU can significantly increase our client’s economic performance and reduce potential liability while enhancing brand recognition and corporate reputation.

Our programs allow clients to gain competitive advantages, improve profits through increased sales of value-added services, decrease company losses, safeguard their employees, assist in the protection of revenue and property and deliver exceptional customer service.

Our experts will perform a complete assessment of your physical and procedural security measures, or we can target a specific area of concern.

Tailored to suit individual company needs, we work with our clients to develop, support and enhance security systems and procedures, focusing on a continued Return on Investment (ROI) approach rather than short-term temporary solutions.

THE BUREAU  can serve many organisations and environments including: Hospitals, Schools ,Businesses, Industrial & Commercial Facilities & Enterprises.


Following a Security Review or as a standalone service, Penetration Testing is fundamental to deliver the full security picture of your organisation.”
It is essential in ensuring that controls and expenditure are fully appropriate to the risks to which you are exposed.

In response to the increased tempo of global terrorist operations and a far greater criminality threat both globally and in the UK, THE BUREAU has developed a specialist department that probes and tests an organisation’s security pro le from any physical or collateral threat.

THE BUREAU employs its team of highly trained ex-military planners and analysts to assess the weakness of a clients’ security strategy, operational plans and existing protective security measures; devising tactics to breach and defeat them, in the same way that a criminal, rival or opportunist might. After which the client is advised on issues that may affect their organisation’s business continuity or incident management plan.

THE BUREAU hand-picks its staff from the highly regarded UK Elite & Special Forces and Military Intelligence Units, all of whom have expert knowledge and experience in breaching security systems, often in hostile environments. THE BUREAU has the capabilities from its Military background to conduct Penetration Tests of private residences and from its links with the Elite & Special Forces we are able to conduct Penetrations of corporate installations and buildings.


Risk Management and well-written company policies that exist side by side. Working under the assumption that over 80% of losses originate from the inside, we will place heavy emphasis on internal as well as external controls. Risk Management and well-written company policies should exist side by side, and should fully complement each other. It is common sense to mandate a minimum level of security, beneath which your company must not fall.

Most major corporations now employ a formal strategy for Risk Management and Risk Assessment methodologies. They have come to realise that there is a wide range of bene ts, (directly and indirectly) associated with published and recorded written policies that have been mandated throughout the company.

Weighing Up The Costs vs. Benefits

Security measures should actually be viewed as an investment in your company, not merely as an expense. Because most people cannot see how additional security can directly generate income, it is often necessary to justify Risk Management
in financial terms. Fortunately, this is not difficult to do.

By providing a safer environment, you may actually notice an increase in the number of customers and repeat customers who come to your property as well as a decrease in employee turnover.

It is an established fact that customers and employees are attracted to environments where they feel safe.

The first step in any thorough Risk Management strategy is Risk Identification.


You will have to identify the areas in which you are vulnerable before you can begin to assess and ultimately manage those risks that you’ve identi ed. Take a moment to write down the risks your company is currently facing, and then consider the potential losses that could result.

There are basically two types of risks: controllable and uncontrollable. Controllable risks are those that you can do something about. These would include physical security devices such as locks, maintaining good lighting, maintaining safe landscaping design, having regular security and safety inspections, etc.

Uncontrollable risks might include anything from unforeseeable criminal acts of third parties to natural disasters ( floods, storms, etc.). It is difficult to prevent these from happening, but you can at least mitigate damage by preparing for such emergencies or taking out insurance.

Risk Assessment

To calculate your risk, multiply the probability of a foreseeable event by the impact of the potential loss. Theoretically, this makes it possible to prioritise foreseeable events in the order of their risk.

Risk Management stems from your decisions based upon that data. If not properly assessed, that data can be unreliable and/or inaccurate.

Threats – Examples might include natural disasters, internal theft, or criminal acts of third parties, to name a few. Threats are present for every type of business.

Vulnerabilities – These are weaknesses that make a business more prone to the threat of a loss. Vulnerabilities may provide the opportunity for an attack to have a more severe or devastating impact.

For example, regarding criminal activity, vulnerability could be found in the absence of sufficient security lighting or the absence of an adequate security system.

Controls – These are countermeasures taken to overcome the threats and vulnerabilities. They are:

Risk Avoidance – Deterrent Controls are used to completely avoid the likelihood of certain deliberate attacks.

Risk Reduction – Detective Controls discover the risk of deliberate attacks and then initiate preventative or corrective controls to reduce the
likelihood of these attacks occurring.

Risk Spreading – Corrective Controls serve to mitigate the impact of an expected attack.

Of course, there is a fifth type of approach to Risk Management. It is called Risk Acceptance.

Here, you simply “take your chances” that nothing will happen, and you accept your risks by making little or no effort to control or eliminate them.

Frankly, that isn’t using good business sense. In our litigious society, wilful negligence in this regard can certainly lead to catastrophic consequences.

The Chief Risk Factor – It’s a fact that your competition has a better chance of beating you if you are weaker in one or a number of areas.

Therefore, you may actually be the Chief Risk Factor in your business. “Chief” because it all starts (and ends) with you.

This is true if you are running a large corporation or managing a small business.

Safety and security is like water; It always runs downhill.

From the boardroom to the lunchroom and every room in between, good safety and security practices must be adopted by the Chief Executive Officer and supported by the Chief Financial Officer.

It is important to realize that overstated probability of risks may lead you to unnecessary expenditures that are not properly targeted or directly related to your potential impacts, threats, and existing vulnerabilities.

That may leave you susceptible to litigation. Likewise, an understated probability of risk may lead to complacency, which could leave you even more susceptible to litigation.

By utilising our Knowledge and experience in Global threats worldwide we are able to offer clients a unique look at the country that they intend to travel to.

THE BUREAU has a specialist team that offers our corporate or private clients travel advice to any region in the world.

We provide our clients with peace of mind to maintain your business and private integrity, essentially in this competitive and uncertain world.