Reporting violence against security staff

The levels of violence against front-line security officers are a national scandal!

So why is no-one talking about it? We need to raise awareness and force the issue to the forefront of relevant peoples attention.

All too often perpetrators who assault security staff in the UK are dealt with very leniently. Security staff are NOT second class citizens and are deserving of the levels of protection that are merited by our front-line roles.

This is becoming more important with decreasing police numbers. Security officers are increasingly stepping up to fill the void. Security officers are often first on scene. This is not a slight on the police, they do their best, but it is a fact!

This SIA commissioned report uncovered levels of violence against security staff that are nothing short of a national scandal.

Before we can start taking steps we first need to begin to quantify the problem. Can we ask you to email us details of any news stories you find where details of violence against security staff are reported, including details of sentencing where a court case has been held?

Many of us read with real anger the recent story where it was reported that a security officer, who was on the scene of an incident before police arrived, was punched. Police dealt with this by way of caution – its difficult to understand this?

If a police officer had been punched would it have been dealt with by caution? I have my doubts!

In order to build as comprehensive a picture as possible TPSO intends to build a database of reports.

When you find a report of violence against UK based security staff can you please email details, including links if online, to

GDPR notification – your details will not be added to a database. We will only reply to confirm receipt of any information received. Once that has been completed we will delete your details as we would have no legitimate reason to keep them. Details of the information gathered will be shared via this site and our various social media platdorms.

Thank you in advance for your help! Click the link to view the violence against security staff database

To send us a report please use the form below.