Research Project Survey – Should I stay or should I go?

Should I stay or should I go? Is an independent research project designed by Mark Dyer, with academic guidance, to study the levels of perceived risk front-line employees interpret and act upon in order to prevent criminal activity. The results will form the basis of my dissertation and will provide a valuable insight into assisting senior managers in developing a global group policy. This is the third and final module on my Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Security Management course with Perpetuity ARC training.

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All those that participate in the online survey via the Smart Survey do so anonymously and at no point will I be able to identify any participant. Once the survey is completed all data relating to each participant is deleted, and therefore I can only retrieve the statistical data relating to their responses to the closed question survey.


Below is the secure link to the Smart Survey website:


I very much look forward to your involvement and support in assisting me to gather the data needed to test my research question. The survey is available to be accessed from the 16/03/2020 and is initially open for a period of 4-6 weeks with a maximum of 1000 participants allotted to take part. This shall be closely monitored and a decision to extend the survey shall be made dependent on the level of responses.


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Mark Dyer

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