Review: Complete Guide for Facilities Managers – Using an External Security Provider

Comprehensive publication in easy read format!

Security of all kinds is becoming increasingly important. If you are a facilities manager you probably already have your plate full. There’s a good chance that you either inherited or have to start a security team and infrastructure.

This guide is an ideal read for you, it is brief, no waffle, and highlights the main points that you will need to consider.

The guide is broken down into 6 main chapters of interest, including a handy checklist near the end:

Technology vs People: As well as security staff you will need to consider CCTV, access control, ID cards and associated policies. Who responds to that alarm after hours? Lone worker safety?

In-house vs External: Do you employ your own staff directly or employ a contract security firm or a combination of both? There are pros and cons!

National vs Local: The pros and cons of working with large national security providers vs local smaller firms

Security Services Explained: Apart from the traditional manned guarding scenario, you can also consider mobile visits, alarm response, remote monitoring etc

Defining your Security Requirements: What exactly do you want your security function to achieve for you? Unless this is clearly defined you risk wasting a lot of time and money

Security Provider Checklist: How do you vet a security provider? A list of key questions and considerations

All things considered, this is a very comprehensive booklet

Published by Venture Security. A copy of the guide can be downloaded by completing the very short form here:

Reviewer Michael O’Sullivan


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