Security solutions provider Redline strengthens threat image recognition training system for aviation industry with CT scanning

Redline Assured Security, a globally trusted security solutions provider and part of the Air Partner Services division, is adding Computed Tomography (CT) support to their highly popular cloud-based Threat Image Recognition Training system (TIRT). The combination of Redline’s successful TIRT programme with full X-ray 3D volumetric CT functionality provides the most technically sophisticated and intuitive solution available. The training is specifically designed for the new generation of Standard 3 CT X-ray machines. 

As technology continues to develop, so too do security threats. Standard 3 is expected to be in force across the European aviation industry by June 2023; subsequently, CT imagery training will be mandatory for airports to remain compliant and secure. Redline has built upon its successful TIRT programme, an add-in to their Security Management Systems (SeMS) product, to create a training solution that covers both standard X-ray and CT X-ray scanning through a single login. TIRT provides seamless transition between the two standards within a single application, supporting training and continuous development of security screeners and ensuring the aviation security industry remains at the forefront of technical innovation and security expertise. TIRT CT’s benefits extend beyond the aviation sector, it is imperative that any venue, organisation, or facility that uses security scanners ensures their staff are up to date on threat image recognition to ensure optimum security.

Paul Mason, Managing Director Redline Assured Security said:

“Redline’s addition of Computed Tomography to our respected TIRT solution ensures we provide the most technically sophisticated training possible. As the security industry adapts to the ever-changing threat landscape, TIRT CT should be an essential tool in the arsenal of every organisation. Our training solutions provide invaluable exposure to potential threats and intuitive reporting that will greatly aid the aviation industry in the adoption of Standard 3, and particularly CT.” 

The updated training features realistic threat and prohibited images generated by actual X-ray and X-ray CT machines. The varied threat image library, which is fully EU and UK compliant, covers 6 levels of threat complexity and far exceeds what is currently available across the market in any 6×6 product. This image library is also regularly updated to include recent and emerging threats, enabling operators to keep up-to-date.  

Live training on X-ray scanning systems is prohibitively expensive, Redline circumvents these costs thanks to its easy digital accessibility. Users can operate and complete training on a computer through just a web browser and an internet connection, allowing for reduced staff downtime and associated costs. This format also allows the training to be easily configured for managers, supervisors and screeners. The application provides a detailed review mode for screeners and supervisors to facilitate analysis of performance and compliance trends at aggregated levels. Additionally, custom focused training programs can be created and assigned when necessary. 

To find out about all the benefits and functionalities of TIRT, including CT support, arrange your complimentary one on one with a Redline specialist today by emailing or calling +44 1302 288360 

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