Seminar: Kidnap Risk Overview and Role of the KRE Negotiator

Overview: Kidnapping is a multi-billion dollar business and is now appearing more frequently and in more locations throughout the world. As organisations continue to grow their global operations, companies in all industries and of all sizes face a greater risk that employees, executives, board members or their dependants, will fall victim to a kidnapping, extortion or detention incident. This type of event not only threatens the life of the individual, but it may affect the morale of the workforce and opens the door to significant financial losses. During this seminar we will cover:

  • Planning, Strategy and Implementation of the Hostage Negotiation
  • Overview of the kidnap risk
  • Victim profiling and selection
  • The role of the KRE negotiator

Date: 16 November 2021, 4pm-6pm (GMT +8)


Instructor profile: Richard Hancock is Crisis24’s Crisis and Security Consulting APAC Regional Director. He’s spent the last 30 years living and working in Asia, initially as an Inspector in Royal Hong Kong Police before transitioning across to the private sector as a crisis and security risk management consultant.

Richard has provided in-depth crisis risk mitigation advisory services to governments, NGOs and Fortune 500 companies, including crisis response, emergency planning, business continuity and corporate security training and team building. Richard has project managed mass personnel evacuation services across the MEA and provided
embedded risk mitigation support for large scale projects aimed at protecting critical assets, including, but not limited to seaports, airports, new build mixed residential and commercial developments, international schools and oil refineries.

Richard has advised on >50 insured and uninsured special risk response cases since 2012. These included kidnap for ransom, hijacking, extortion, wrongful detention, cyber extortion and missing persons

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