Should I stay, or should I go? A Research Project into Physical Intervention in the manned guarding sector by Mark Dyer

This research project delves into the complex issue of risk perception and action among frontline security operatives. In today’s world, businesses and organisations face an ever-increasing threat from criminal activity. Thus, security personnel play a crucial role in safeguarding not only the company’s assets but also its employees and customers.

The study aims to shed light on the levels of perceived risk that security personnel interpret and act upon to prevent criminal activity. By understanding the underlying factors that influence their decisions, senior management can design and implement policies that are fit for purpose across high-value operations in different regions and countries.

One of the significant challenges facing senior management is to strike a balance between acceptable levels of exposure and the need to protect the company’s interests. This study examines the management decisions that need to be made if a security officer deviates from the agreed standard operating procedures with the best intentions. The research explores the impact of disciplinary action against security officers who act on their basic human instincts or perceived best judgment, even if the company did not sustain any financial loss or loss of products.

The findings of this study are of great relevance to businesses and organizations that rely on security personnel to protect their assets and interests. By providing insights into the risk perception and decision-making processes of frontline security operatives, the study can help businesses improve their security protocols and policies, ultimately resulting in a safer and more secure environment for all stakeholders.

Overall, this research project offers valuable insights into the critical issue of risk perception and action among frontline security operatives. The findings have practical implications for businesses and organizations that aim to enhance their security protocols and policies, making it a must-read for professionals in the security industry and beyond.

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