Simon Giles, CEO of City Group Security, Advocates for Waste Week and “Let’s Make the World Sprout” Campaign

Simon Giles, the CEO of City Group Security, strongly believes in the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation. As part of his commitment to reducing carbon emissions and meeting carbon targets, Simon and the team at City Group Security are actively supporting Waste Week and introducing an innovative initiative within his company. Under the campaign “Let’s Make the World Sprout,” City Group Security provides its employees with pencils that can be planted after usage. This move reduces waste and aligns with the company’s overarching sustainability goals.

Supporting Waste Week:

Waste Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness about waste management and encourage individuals and organisations to adopt sustainable practices. Simon Giles recognises the significance of this event and firmly believes that businesses are responsible for actively engaging in such initiatives. By supporting Waste Week, City Group Security aims to reinforce the importance of waste reduction and inspire other companies to follow suit.

The “Let’s Make the World Sprout” Campaign:

Under the “Let’s Make the World Sprout” campaign, City Group Security is creatively reducing waste and carbon emissions. By providing employees with pencils that can be planted after usage, Simon promotes eco-friendly practices while fostering a sense of personal responsibility among his employees.

Reducing waste:

The traditional pencil is made mainly of wood with a small graphite core. However, pencils provided through this initiative are designed using eco-friendly materials, such as recycled paper and plantable seed capsules. After using the pencil, employees can plant it in a pot or outside in the soil. Over time, the pencil will decompose, nourishing the ground, while the embedded seeds germinate and grow into plants. By implementing this innovative measure, City Group Security is taking tangible steps toward reducing waste and contributing to a greener environment.

Meeting carbon targets:

One of the key benefits of the “Let’s Make the World Sprout” campaign is its contribution to reducing carbon emissions. As plants grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to offset the carbon emissions generated by City Group Security and its employees. By issuing these pencils, Simon and the team are encouraging his workforce to actively participate in the company’s sustainability efforts and work collectively towards achieving the carbon reduction targets set forth by the organisation.

Employee engagement:

The pencil initiative also serves as a powerful tool for employee engagement. It encourages employees to form a deeper connection with nature and the environment. By utilising a simple everyday object, such as a pencil, City Group Security is sparking conversations about sustainability, waste reduction, and personal responsibility. This initiative not only aligns with the company’s mission but also empowers employees, making them active contributors to the overall sustainability goals of the organisation.

As the CEO of City Group Security, i firmly believe in the power of collective action and the responsibility businesses have in combatting climate change. By supporting Waste Week and implementing the “Let’s Make the World Sprout” campaign, we are leading with an example and demonstrating our commitment to sustainability. Through the provision of plantable pencils, City Group Security aims to reduce waste, meet carbon targets, and engage employees in pursuing a greener and more sustainable future. It is through such initiatives that companies can make a meaningful and positive impact on our environment.

Simon Giles – CEO

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