SmartTask launches new Mobile Operations App for UK security market

Fully integrated smartphone app streamlines mobile patrols, alarm response callouts and Keyholding for security officers and controllers helping demonstrate BS7984 compliance

SmartTask, a UK-based developer of cloud workforce management solutions, has announced the availability of its Mobile Operations app.  Designed specifically for UK security services providers in collaboration with the UK security industry, SmartTask Mobile Operations keeps field officers in contact with the control room. The app, which runs on Android and iOS smartphones, delivers automated run-sheets, simplifies the completion of customisable response reports, enables the control room to better manage alarm response calls, and helps prove compliance with BS7984. The new mobile application can be fully integrated with other SmartTask modules or act as a standalone solution. 

Cara Clarke of City Security, an early adopter of the new solution stated; “SmartTask Mobile Operations enables us to do a whole range of tasks more efficiently – everything now goes through the app. Officers receive their run-sheets on their smartphones via the app, and the control room can see exactly what is happening on the ground in real time. We expect SmartTask Mobile Operations to be instrumental in helping us to win more business as the greater level of operational detail will enable us to provide better customer service.”

SmartTask Mobile Operations can help security businesses of all sizes compete for more profitable, direct Keyholding contracts in the following ways;

Banishing paper run-sheets – App based run-sheets and assignment instructions are sent securely to officers, replacing paper run-sheets which are time-intensive to produce, and quickly fall out of date. Once designed a run-sheet can easily be updated as required on the fly. Officers simply tick off jobs as they are completed on the app, fill out inspection forms or scan patrol tags automatically sending the information back to the control room as it happens. 

Smart Documents – Comprehensive information such as assignment instructions, or COVID-19 specific entry instructions can be sent securely via the app for easy reference by the officers attending, with an online audit available of who has read them.

Managing Alarm Responses – When an alarm response comes in controllers can see at a glance all the site details, where keys are held and who can attend quickest. Officers can fill out alarm response reports containing photos and signatures which can be sent directly to clients or to the control room for checking.

Keyholding & BS7984 – All activities, timed locks/unlocks, void property inspections and randomised patrols, are tracked giving full visibility to the control room.  In addition, all information regarding keys, where they are held, who had access to them and when, is monitored, providing an audit trail of seals and proving compliance with the Keyholding standard BS7984-3:2020.

Duty of Care – The control room receives notification of any missed check in calls and if the officer fails to report the site is safe after completing their initial external patrol inspection.

Reporting and Invoicing – The app stores regular charges and captures callouts, patrols, locks/unlocks and void property inspections as they happen, so detailed information can be shared with the client and invoicing is simple and accurate reflecting all the services provided.  Response SLA reports make monitoring and improving performance easier whilst simplifying compliance with SIA audits. 

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution SmartTask is simple and easy to adopt, without the need of a dedicated IT department. Regular software updates and support, provided from a UK based service desk, are all part of the subscription. 

SmartTask is running a webinar: Optimise your Keyholding Response Services and Mobile Operations on 21 January 2021. For more information, register here: 

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