Sternum Shines with UL Solutions’ Diamond Level Qualification for IoT Defense

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Sternum, the pioneer in embedded IoT security and observability, today marked a significant milestone, with its embedded platform achieving the coveted UL Solutions’ Diamond Level Qualification. With the IoT market witnessing an unprecedented surge, this acknowledgment serves as a testament to Sternum’s high-level proficiency in IoT cybersecurity protection for products globally.


UL Solutions’ Secure IoT Component program helps IoT product manufacturers identify third-party components and software that can provide protection for their products by demonstrating these solutions incorporate industry best practices for Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity. The program also includes an IoT Security Rating framework that provides a comprehensive set of security criteria for IoT devices. The framework has five levels of security ratings, with the highest level being Diamond. Based on the stringent UL MCV 1376 Security Capabilities, Sternum received the Diamond IoT security rating.


New regulations keep raising the bar for on-device security across multiple industries. With this UL qualification, Sternum’s Embedded Security and IoT Observability platform is a leading full stack solution that delivers unparalleled runtime protection and continuous monitoring for device manufacturers. Working with the world’s largest device manufacturers, the company has a proven track record of protecting and monitoring devices at scale, helping meet and exceed regulatory requirements for legacy devices already in use and newly designed products.


Sternum’s Embedded Integrity Verification (EIV™) technology, an exemplar of innovation, powers Sternum’s runtime protection. The software integrates agentlessly into device firmware and stands as an unyielding fortress against any attempts at code and memory manipulation. Continuous Monitoring delivers 360-degree oversight, centralizing every data point, log, insight, and notification into a singular, centralized platform. This monitoring solution meets the unique needs of IoT builders with data presented in customizable, intuitive dashboards and near-zero performance impact. Finally, the AI-based technology identifies irregular device behaviors that indicate emerging security and performance issues, enabling their quick and efficient resolution.


“Receiving the highest level IoT Security Rating from UL Solutions is a significant acknowledgment of our mission to prevent all code and memory manipulation attempts to IoT devices,” said Natali Tshuva, CEO at Sternum. “This will serve clientele with a streamlined assessment procedure for their offerings and aid in obtaining regulatory consents. We remain devoted to moving IoT security forward and accelerating confidence with more secure solutions globally.”


“We are pleased to be on this journey with Sternum as they strive to bring more secure products and innovations to the market,” said Dean Zwarts, senior business manager of the Identity Management and Security group at UL Solutions. “We look forward to collaborating with industry leaders such as Sternum to help improve IoT software security and advance software supply chain management.”


UL Solutions continually aids IoT product creators in pinpointing third-party software facets that can elevate the security stance of their products. The organization’s IoT Security Rating system presents a tiered product security verification process, underpinned by foundational protocols that culminate in a distinguishable product security rating.


For a deeper dive into the various tiers of UL Solutions’ IoT Security Ratings, please visit UL Solutions’ IoT Security Rating program.

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