Stories that you couldn’t make up!

Several years ago I went to meet a friend at the office building that they worked in. I got there at about 1930hrs.

Although I wasn’t in a uniformed position at the time I was wearing dark trousers and a white shirt.

Just setting the scene…

I entered the building reception area and approached the security desk to ask the officer on duty to let my friend know that I was downstairs.

Before I could say anything the security officer jumped out of his chair, grabbed his bag and made a beeline for the front door.

As he stormed past me me snarled “F@@king start time here is 7 o’clock, you are f@@king late. See you at 8 in the morning you f@@king w@@ker”.

After taking a deep breath and thinking for a few minutes I worked out that the day guard was waiting for his relief and took off because he thought it was me.

So there I was in sole charge of a building I didn’t know, all without even being asked for ID – something I’d have expected as standard considering I’d never met the officer who had left me in charge of the building before.

I looked behind the desk and saw ‘Control room’ on the phone speed-dial. I rang it and spoke to a very nice controller employed by a company who shall remain nameless.

A short while later the chap who had stormed out walked back in looking ill! He was very apologetic to say the least.

None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. However this counts as a pretty major one. Despite the profanity this chap was lucky it was me – I understand the frustration of being relived late after a 12 hour shift.

However 2 golden rules:

Always check ID

No matter how annoyed you may be NEVER swear at anyone

2 simple rules will keep you well ahead of the game!!!!

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About the Author: Michael O'Sullivan