The Professional Security Officer Magazine, 2020/21 Charity – The Security Benevolent Fund (SBF)

The Fund was founded in 2006 as “Here 4U”by the then Master of the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals (WCoSP), John Purnell, and his successor, Peter French.

They identified the need to create a safety net for the most vulnerable people working in, and retired from the Security Profession, the Blue Light Services and the Armed Forces. Many people working in security on the front line are at the lower end of pay scales and often when illness or injury strikes, they need help, guidance and support to get back to work or to return to normal life. Those who have retired often have limited financial resources to help them when problems occur.

In 2010, to avoid confusion with other charities it was rebranded as “The Security Benevolent Fund” (SBF). The SBF is a Reserve Fund within the wrapper of the WCoSP Charitable Trust (Charity No 1088658) and is administered by the Trustees who are an independent body.

The fund was established by a combination of a fund raising appeal to Members of the WCoSP and grants from the WCoSP Charitable Trust, which included funds previously received from the BSIA. Since the fund was established, there has been a steady increase in applications for help from serving and retired members and their families from across the security profession. The SBF is not in competition with other bodies in the industry. It aims to work alongside and support other charities as required. It provides welfare, legal, medical and health related guidance and support for current and ex-employees from the security sector. The SBF website gives guidance of how to apply for a grant from the fund:

To learn more about the SBF visit:

The SBF aims to provide financial or other practical support for individuals who cannot pay for urgent medical treatment or have fallen on hard times and need help. This is subject to completion of an application, which is considered by the trustees, who will not normally pay money directly to an individual but will settle an invoice or release funds to a reputable body who will supervise the spend.

Many of the requests for SBF support come via other organisations such as The Royal British Legion or other service charities. Requests are reviewed by the SBF Welfare Officer who advises the Trustees on the merits of each application. He is sometimes able to recommend small emergency payments to resolve an urgent issue.

THE SECURITY BENEVOLENT FUND urgently needs additional funds to assist the ever-increasing numbers seeking support. We would be enormously grateful for any donations to the fund. Please send donations to:

Contact:        or Post to:  The Security Benevolent Fund. Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals. 4 Holmere Farm Cottages, Goose Green, Ashill, Thetford, IP25 7AS.

Thank You.