The Rise & Benefits of Video Doorbells, Are You on Board?


Video doorbells are now becoming an increasingly common sight on many streets across the UK, and it is estimated that as many as 20% of Brits now own one.

This stems from the fact that this innovative technology allows people to take control of the security of their home, as well as the increased convenience that video doorbells can offer. So, do you have one on your front door yet?

What are video doorbells?

A video doorbell is a clever piece of kit that takes the place of the traditional doorbell. Whilst visitors can still ring the bell to alert you to their presence, you don’t necessarily need to answer the door to see who is there. The video technology that is built into the doorbell sends live footage to your phone so that you can see who it is.

If you are not home, you can then communicate with that person, telling them where to leave a delivery, answering their query or asking them to leave. In many cases, the footage can also be saved and downloaded should you need to pass it on to the police.

Video doorbell security

One of the main benefits of video doorbells is the security that they offer. Many burglars are looking for a property where no one is home, but a video doorbell means that they know they are always being watched, whether you are in the house or not. This can act as a huge deterrent, as they know that anything they do will be caught on camera.

The fact that you can see who is ringing your doorbell also means you can stay safe whilst you are in your home. If the visitor is someone you do not like the look of, then you have the ability to communicate with them without opening the door. This is particularly useful for the vulnerable who might be worried about people trying to force their way into their homes.

Monitoring activity

Video access control is not just useful when it comes to looking for those who might be suspicious, it also means that you can see who is coming and going from your property. A check of your footage means that you can see that your kids have arrived home from school safely or that an elderly relative has returned from the shops.


Most people that arrive at your door will have a completely innocent purpose, but you still might not be able to answer it. A video doorbell means that you can talk to the person at the door while you are in the garden or bathing the kids without causing a disturbance. It also means that you will never miss a delivery again, as couriers can be told where to leave parcels.

Video doorbells are now springing up everywhere as an easy solution to home security as well as a way to keep an eye on the people who are most important in our lives. They give us flexibility as well as safety and will soon be a feature on every home.

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About the Author: Nick Booth

Nick Booth is the Director of ISET UK Fire & Security Distribution, who specialise in home security and automation technology for trade and businesses within the bio tech, corporate sector and beyond.