The Security Industry Twitter Awards #SytAwards

Are you on Twitter?

 A great source of genuine news and views… Just swerve the made up stuff!


 The TPSO magazine is launching , “The Security Industry Twitter Awards”


From September 2018, the TPSO magazine is going to hunt down the most informative,
and possibly humorous, tweets, relating to all things security, internationally!

If you spot a great tweet, share it with the tag #SyTAwards and we will review it each

If you have a great idea, include #SyTAwards in the text of the message and we will find it.
The monthly winners, from November onwards, will not only have global respect and
adoration, but they will also receive some ‘money cant buy’ TPSO prizes (Um. Lets keep a lid on
expectations, and just say “some branded merchandise”…..Thanks. Ed.)
#SyTAwards……… If you like what you see, tag it!

Spring / Summer 2018, #SyTAwards, Role Of Honour!

#1. Stephen Ackroyd @AvKeep:

A very well thought out Tweet suggesting advice and guidance
for understanding and supporting Autism,
taken from an idea in the retail industry, applied at security check points

#2. Patricia Vella @PatriciaVella (Tagged by @SyIChair):

Wise words of wisdom passed to Patricia from her late Father,
regarding the need to get to know the security officers wherever you work.
They tend to be both interesting and helpful people….
(But we all knew that right? 🙂 ……. Ed.)

#3. Security Institute @SyInstitute (Tagged by @SecurityRollo):

A tweet announcing the launch of the new “Next Generation” initiative
from the Security Institute, focussing on encouraging pre-GCSE children
to consider a career in the security industry!

#4. Philip Ingram MBE @PhilipIngMBE (Tagged by @SecurityRollo):

An insightful and informed Tweet from one of the leading experts in the field,
relating to the most recent Sailsbury Novichok incident,
dispelling the tide of Fake News and giving the facts!

#5. Mike Gillespie @Advent_IM_MD (Tagged By @SecurityRollo):

Mike, a leading Cyber Security and GDPR expert, Tweeted a link to an interview
he had with IFSEC on June 14th, regarding all things GDPR.
Highly informative during a time of mild panic.

If it is informative, funny or just plain great, tag it with #SyTAwards to bring it to our attention…

We need more input from Front Line security workers, so please, get involved.
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