The Security Workers Act, What is it? why do we need it?


What are we calling for?

We need to protect security workers from those who would harm them. Why? Well, as it stands now there is no law that offers stiffer penalties for an attack against a Door supervisor or security guard! 


If you assault one of these people in their line-of-duty job – the punishment is the same as if someone attacks someone else in the street, which just isn’t enough anyway, but considering all the dangers we put our front line staff through everyday on behalf of protecting others, we should afford them better protection.

Who should it cover?

We feel that this ‘Security Workers Act’ should cover every SIA licensed security worker in the UK, as long as incidents take place while they are at work.


The job that security workers do is very important but it often gets overlooked or else swept aside when we need them most in society!


Why are we calling for it?


The UK’s security workers are not protected from the violence they face on a daily basis. More than half of them (51%) experience verbal abuse and as many as (48%) may be displaying symptoms that could indicate PTSD, according to our research


A large percentage of our survey into violence in the security industry said they experienced or witnessed violence at work over the last five years. 36% had been assaulted on a monthly basis while working in UK-based security, and as many were forced to use reasonable force to protect themselves.


It is dismissive, even negligent not to consider taking some action that can lessen the risks faced by security guards. They spend their professional lives protecting us and the public – shouldn’t we do them justice just as much?


The Plan of Action


The government has the ability to create legislation that we propose. The ‘Assaults on Emergency workers Act’ passed through both Houses of Parliament and received Royal Assent, so it seems likely this time around that an act similar in value would get through successfully, protecting security staff who are always at risk for violence while performing their duties.


While it may be difficult, we need you to help us make the government listen! If 10,000 British citizens sign this petition we get an answer from Government and if we reach our goal of 100K signatures then they will have no choice but address this issue with urgency. 


The first step is simple, put your name to the petition and help us reach the 100,000 mark by May next year, share it with your colleagues and lets get everyone working in the Industry the protections they deserve. 

Sign the Petition Here –


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