The TPSO Magazine, “International Security Industry Champions List”

In recognition of the growing international readership of TPSO magazine and the superb global leaders that have come to our attention, the “Key People in Security List” is being revamped and updated to more fully recognise and celebrate the outstanding work of the World’s top industry professionals, across all sectors.

This list will grow to contain the names of the Men and Women that wield positive influence, actively work to improve standards, and freely share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of fellow industry professionals, at all stages of their careers.

This is NOT a league table, and the exceptional professionals listed are not ‘ranked’ each year. All are simply leaders in their respective fields and countries, and stand equally recognised, admired and respected. Neither is this a list of large company CEOs who may do excellent work for their organisations and their shareholders, but have little impact in influencing the development of our industry. The “TPSO International Security Industry Champions List (ISIC)” contains the industry movers and shakers, the roll models, the inspirational leaders, the champions and vocal campaigners. In short, this list contains the people making a difference, and all are shining examples of dedication to the Security industry.

YOU can nominate the people that inspire you or that have earned your admiration and respect. We also accept self nominations as we know that not all of the people around you have the time to sing your well earned praises or are aware of the full extent of your work….

Follow this link to the short nomination form: 


People may drop off the list when they retire or move away from active participation in the security industry, but admission to the ISIC List is an acknowledgement of both previous and ongoing achievement and will not be affected by fashion or popularity.

It only remains for us to congratulate all those listed on the TPSO Magazine, International Security Industry Champions List!

April 2021 sees the addition of a single, and very well deserved, addition to the ISIC list. We welcome Figen Murray, an internationally recognised campaigner for increased standards in safety at public events and the driving force behind new “Protect Duty” legislation currently being discussed by the UK Government, and widely known as “Martyn’s Law”.

Martyn, her Son, lost his life in the 2017 Manchester Arena suicide bomb attack…..

                Not all nominations are successful. Any unsuccessful nomination may be appealed with new information and evidence; however the decision of the Directors of Peer Publishing Ltd. is final.

                If any information we publish about International Security Industry Champions List members is incorrect or out of date, contact from the person effected or their representative would be appreciated and we will endeavour to get any amendments made without unreasonable delay. Contact Admin@PeerPublishing.Ltd