TPSO Competition – Brought to you this Month by medical training leaders Turret Training!

Turret’s faculty shares a fervent passion to deliver excellent medical training and specialist advanced critical trauma care to individuals, company’s at corporate level, law enforcement and military units. Coupled with a shared experience of over 79 years of operational work in non permissive environs, the team bring a unique, personable and dedicated approach to the delivery of this training. The structure of the team affords a flexible approach of training delivery ranging from First Aid at Work (FAW) to Citizens Aid to Critical Incident Management courses that will meet the needs of the client. This bespoke specialist level of training is supported by a number of specialist advisors and eminent boards of certification:

PRIZE: An absolutely rammed tactical leg pack full of first aid and advanced trauma kit! Ideal for a C.P. assignments, event security, or to keep in the boot of the car, just in case! All contents checked and have long operational use dates. It is the nuts!


Name 5 contraindications to consider when applying a Combat Application Tourniquet or CAT ?

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