TPSO Edition 5 foreword by Rollo Davies

            Welcome to issue #5 of The Professional Security Officer magazine. In true ‘Sesame Street’ style, this edition is brought to you by the word “Optimism”. Why?

            I have been a security industry commentator for many years so with my analyst’s head on, I have a bold statement to make:

            I think that 2020 will mark the start of the recovery of the security industry in the United Kingdom. The winds of change may not be exactly howling yet, but there is certainly a stiff breeze in the air.

            Big claim?

            With new, positive leadership at the helm of the Security Industry Authority, growing popularity of membership organisations such as The Security Institute and ASIS, promoting professionalisation and increasing standards, and the uncertainty and divisiveness of Brexit finally starting to subside, I absolutely believe we should all start to see tangible improvements. If your personal situation doesn’t see any changes soon, keep the faith. A lot of decent and influential people are starting to get together and pull in the right direction.

            That’s my prediction for 2020.

            One thing is for absolute certain. Technological advancements are changing the face of physical security.

  • Wireless intruder detection systems (WIDS) are gaining in popularity.
  • Surveillance drones are routinely being deployed to places that would traditionally be too dangerous for a security officer to go.
  • Body worn video (BWV) use is increasingly prevalent among door supervisors, retail, alarm response and event security, and increasing numbers of professionals are turning to
  • Stab proof vests and DNA marking sprays to reduce the risk, when dealing with violent situations.

            Just over a decade ago, pen and paper were still King in our industry with cupboards full of occurrence books, incident report forms and other assorted bits of administrative flotsam, clogging up client premises and security company offices up and down the country. These days, with developments by companies like SmartTask, TrackTik and Innovise, a smartphone app is sometimes all you may ever need.

            Developments don’t stop there. Security architecture and the built environment is increasingly important in our high crime and terrorism aware society. Cyber security is being prioritised once again as rogue states step up attacks on Western businesses and governments, hoping to cause financial harm, when traditional military action would prove foolish.

            The state of the World today means that effective security has never been more important. YOU, have never been needed more. This issue of TPSO looks at the developments and technology that will be helping professional security officers get the job done, safely and effectively, during the next decade and beyond. Knowledge is power so read on, stay informed, continuously develop as a professional and most importantly, get ready to identify and seize your opportunities as they arise.

            Just maybe, during the course of the year, you’ll start to feel that optimism too……


Rollo Davies
Rollo Davies