TPSO Magazine – Coming in Issue #9!

Edition #9 of The Professional Security Officer Magazine will be looking at:

Working With Other Agencies 

We will all have to deal with the Police at some stage, hopefully in a work related context, it’s in the nature of our business, but there is a lot more that you may encounter during your routine duties. You may meet Ambulance Service, Fire Brigade, NHS, Local Authority, Health & Safety, even Intelligence and Military representatives. We want to give you a better understanding of what they need, how they work, and the most effective and mutually successful way to communicate and work with such widely different organisations.

TPSO will also, as always, feature all the general security features and information you’d expect including our regular items:

Industry News & Update.
Useful contact Info.
Who to Follow on Social Media.
International Security Industry Champions List.
Recommended Industry Events.

And much much more……

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