TPSO Magazine Issue 9 Foreword by Rollo Davies

Welcome to issue 9 of The Professional Security Officer magazine!

Well, the light finally seems to be visible at the end of the COVID 19 tunnel, but along with the reopening of so many UK businesses comes a couple of big security industry scare stories.

“Will many pubs and nightclubs never reopen due to a lack of qualified and available, door supervisors?”

“Will there be an industry wide shortage of security personnel as those that returned to their country of origin when COVID restrictions threatened, are unable to return?”……

In many ways I hope both of these scenarios come to pass. If security companies are unable to squeeze more pay from clients then just maybe high demand and lack of available operatives can do the trick! Bring on those market forces.

There are suddenly more jobs being posted on the internet than I’ve seen in well over a year, so things seem to be looking up, but PLEASE don’t take minimum wage garbage. If security officers keep taking jobs that pay peanuts, security companies will continue to take on these bargain basement contracts.

If pay rates don’t rise anytime soon there are still some things that security companies can do to attract, motivate and retain security professionals.

I look at this in some detail later in this issue, and I make no apologies for any offence caused when I describe some of the pointless and ill conceived things that I see security companies doing “to benefit their staff.” Does it? Really? Or is it just cynical P.R. covered in a rather thin “we really love our employees” dressing? Have a read of my article, and find out what you can really do to benefit your staff, and your company.

Whatever the next few months may bring, stay safe

Rollo Davies F.ISRM MSyI