TPSO Newsletter Edition 1: Introduction by Michael O’Sullivan

Welcome to our new newsletter, ‘Your Career in Security’

Do you have questions about getting that better job, advancing your career and earning that promotion? Is the problem conflicting or bad information, too much information, not knowing where to start or how to plan a career trajectory?

It is our hope that this newsletter will answer a lot of your questions and meet a need. As always with TPSO, its YOUR newsletter – write in and tell us what you want us to cover?

We plan to publish a new edition monthly with a lot of flexibility about topics covered. If something proves very popular we will push it to the top of our agenda – but we need your feedback!

We won’t be shy about approaching industry leaders and experts and asking them to share their knowledge and experience with us all. When myself and Rollo sat down and penned our business plan on the back of that now famous napkin, neither of us doubted that, given the chance, industry leaders would not hesitate to offer what help they could.

The fantastic content that’s been freely contributed to TPSO magazine is testament to that and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has provided us with content. The same is proving true with this newsletter! With your help it will grow to become a major industry resource!

This edition looks at the future of the industry, with special focus on the future of security management.

Security officers of the future will have to deal with already emerging threats such as drones, artificial intelligence, increasingly sophisticated hackers, social engineering, a new generation of highly educated and highly motivated protestors, terrorism, organised crime and threats not yet on the horizon. Traditional security threats such as vandalism, theft, fraud, the insider threat, and all the others that we currently deal with won’t be going anywhere!

The security manager is going to be the backbone of this drive, but in order to be successful experience, education and training will be vital!

So how to future proof your career? We hope to provide some answers inside…

If you’ve read this far let me remind you about current TPSO projects that we would love your help with:

With best wishes from London! Michael O’Sullivan – Features Editor TPSO Magazine