TPSO Newsletter edition 6 introduction

Despite rumours to the contrary the written word is far from dead! I’ve been hearing for decades that in the future no one will be reading anything, it will all be videos and podcasts. That’s not been my experience, Amazon hasn’t stopped selling books, newsagents still have shelves full of magazines, publishers offer many thousands of newsletters and ezines via the internet.

Without doubt video and podcast are very popular and you should investigate using them as a means of getting your message out there. Scripting for video and podcast broadcasting does involve a lot of writing so that you end up with a coherent end product. Obviously, some people produce videos ‘on the fly’ just point a camera and go. Like anything else though, if its reflecting you as a serious professional and helping build you a future then preparing a ‘game plan’ is a more considered approach.

After all, we do security, which is a very serious profession with a lot of responsibilities. As well as the work that security officers do to protect people and assets there is also a huge amount of work to be done to ensure that the scandalous levels of violence directed at security officers is recognised and steps taken to deal with it in line with the protections in place for EMS workers.

That’s a whole area that needs to be written about, if there are any aspiring writers out there looking for ideas on where to start that’s a good place.

It’s actually interesting to me that people consider video replaces writing, scripting a video involves quite a lot of it if you aren’t filming on the fly.

This edition of the newsletter is all about encouraging aspiring writers to just start! Sit down, put some ideas on paper about what you’d like to write about. What do you know a lot about? Who can you work with?

My first efforts as a writer were pretty poor, a bit like the first time I took a driving lesson, I had an idea what all the bits were but had to learn how everything worked together. And like driving a car, I didn’t get to the point where I had a successful commercial writing career alongside my work in the security industry without the help of other people.

I’ve offered a template in this newsletter, the basics if you like, in the hope that some of you will get in touch with your ideas and possibly contribute your work for publication in TPSO Magazine, website, newsletter or special report at some point!

Today is always the best day to start – I hope to hear from you!