TPSO Social Media Recommendations

Who to Follow On Social Media?

Social media can be a fantastic source of news and knowledge and even networking opportunity. Just recognise and avoid the current torrent of, and I hate to use the term, “Fake News”…

Twitter tends to be the ‘go to’ source for up to date news and views.

LinkedIn has a huge stockpile of articles giving advice and guidance on the whole spectrum of the Security Industry.

Facebook has a large number of interactive pages on many security fields, giving you a chance to voice your opinion and hear the thoughts of others.

Instagram has a huge stockpile of people photographing their dinner or showing everybody how great they look in a mirror! (Erm….? You know we have an Instagram account right?……. Ed.)

For our purposes, Twitter and LinkedIn are the formats to get involved in, with the highest amount of industry professionals out there, giving their valuable views and advice.

If I were you, I’d find and follow these people on Twitter:

#1 Michael O’Sullivan: A great source of international security news. (And no bias at all there, considering he is one of the TPSO founders?…… Ed.)

#2 Philip Ingram MBE:. Simply one of the most respected and informed defence and security commentators in the world.

#3 Paul Drury: Vice Chair of the Security Institute, IFSEC Top 20 Global Security Influencer and keen industry blogger.

#4 Dan Kaszeta: Internationally recognised CBRN expert. Former US Secret Service, and legendary left of centre geopolitical commentator. Pick a twitter spat with Dan at your peril. Know your facts or you’ll get told to “Get Back in The Sea!”

#5 Mike Hurst: Top 10 Security Influencer. VC of ASIS UK Chapter. Member of the Security Institute. Recruitment and Media company owner.

#6 Andy Blackwell: Renowned threat and risk consultant. Aviation Security Expert and commentator.

#7 Mike Gillespie: One of the UK’s foremost Cyber Security Experts. Lecturer and Highly respected blogger on all matters of cyber security and multi sector integration.

#8 Brian Sims: Internationally recognised security industry blogger and author of the Security Lion website. Fellow of the Security Institute and Risk Management expert.

#9 NBCC – The National Business Crime Centre: is an important National Police initiative which looks at the role of security and improving and creating new links with the private security sector. Destined to become increasingly important as private physical security takes up the slack as Police services are no longer able to perform many traditional duties

And our top follows on Linkedin:

#1 Tony O’Brien: Based in Ireland, Tony is a highly regarded Training and Development Specialist with a long history of posting immensely informative and educational articles on LinkedIn. A “must follow”.

#2 Rollo Davies: A respected industry commentator and thought leader on matters of front line physical security…. (This is the other founder of TPSO!…. If this was the BBC, we’d all be in court!……..Ed.)

#3 Grant Lecky: Simply one of the most well respected and admired security industry professionals globally. Based in Canada, Grant is a legendary influencer and thought leader.

#4 John Sephton: John is a London based, Corporate Security Manager, Member of the Security Institute and their Young Members Group Committee member. He is also one of the most positive and inspiring lights in the UK security Industry today.

#5 Peer Publishing Ltd: (Really?…… Our Publishing Company?….. Ed.) A great source of up to date news. Shares useful ideas and knowledge from all over the world.

As with all things TPSO, this should just get you started and give you food for thought!

If you have any better ideas, simply let us know

Want to get the very best out of your professional on-line social media?

It can be a powerful tool to work for you, or the destruction of your career!

A full guide will be in Edition 2!