Universal Revolution: How Universal Earpieces are Changing the Game

If you work the doors at multiple venues, you’ll know that each location has its own range of radios that you’re expected to connect your earpiece to.


In all honesty, switching between different radio connectors for multiple jobs can be something of a pain.


Although a basic radio and earpiece duo is relatively simple to set up, it can still represent a significant inconvenience to those who work in more than one place. This is mainly due to the necessity of needing to have multiple earpieces with all of their own connectors. 


These days, it’s not unusual for a security guard to have a separate earpiece for each job. Depending on the amount of jobs you do, this simple professional requirement can actually get rather messy!


You probably know what we mean. We all have a colleague who shows up for work with a pocketful of earpieces, carefully selecting the right one from his or her collection before connecting it and going to work (if you don’t know that colleague, chances are you are that colleague).

So? What’s Wrong With That?

The trouble is that this approach is bad for your earpieces, as well as for your ears. 

As these multiple earpieces slowly gather dirt, dust and particles of old earwax (before fusing that with lint, bits of tissue and whatever else happens to be in their pockets), the effectiveness of the earpiece begins to degrade. It doesn’t take long, either.


This damages otherwise decent equipment and potentially jeopardises the user’s ability to do their job properly. You might have a nice, clean place to keep the earpiece you use most frequently, but it’s doubtful you have one for every earpiece you own. You probably don’t clean it as often as you should, either.


The whole ‘pocket collection’ thing is also fairly unhygienic, if you stop and think about it. 


For example, if a friend or colleague came to you and said, “Hey, I just put my finger in my ear, got it good and waxy, then ran it along a dusty bookshelf. Let me stick it into your ear!”


…You’d say ‘no’, right?


In fact, your answer might even rhyme with “cluck off”.


Yet that’s essentially what you’re doing each time you delve into your pocket for an earpiece you haven’t used in 3 weeks and stick it into your ear.


Universal earpieces, however, are different.


No, they aren’t wax proof, or dust proof (and they won’t stop people trying to poke their grubby fingers into your ears), but they can connect to every major radio, meaning that you need only carry ONE earpiece around with you at any given time.


Yes, that’s right. ONE.

That’s Pretty Cool. How do They Work?


We’re glad you asked. Each universal earpiece features a plug with an opposite connector. This connector can easily be pushed into the plug, while a holding shield secures it firmly into place. This simple, user-friendly design allows you to easily replace any connector to the earpiece anytime you need to.


Because universal earpieces have the plug that allows you to remove the connector and replace it with other connectors, you can join it any radio you have the connector for.


So you can say goodbye to that pocket full of random earpieces (as well as ears full of junk) and hello to a smarter, cleaner, more efficient future.

What Styles are Available?


Universal earpieces are styled to be the same as any number of models available on the market right now (if you’re interested in seeing just how wide a selection that is, check out Earpiece Online’s official site – and thank us later).


This welcoming spectrum of available options means that you can find a style that you’re happy with, so you won’t have to adapt to something new and potentially uncomfortable.


What are my Connector Options?


When it comes to connectors, all major brands are covered, including Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Hytera and many more. This, again, adds to the universal earpiece’s easy-going versatility.

What Jobs are Universal Earpieces Best Suited to?


Universal earpieces can work for pretty much any security-based job, but they are particularly well suited to festival work, as festival organisers will routinely hire two way radios without knowing what brand or type radio they will be given.


If you have a universal earpiece, this will never again be a problem for you as you’re good to go, no matter what.



Even if the company or venue you work for replaces its radios and begins operating on a new set, a universal earpiece will have you covered, which could potentially save you time as well as money.

They actually Sound Great

Universal earpieces represent a small but significant improvement to the technology that security operatives use each and every day. It makes people’s professional lives easier, which is one of the evergreen goals of all consumer technology.  

These earpieces are easy to use, well designed and as useful as they are convenient.

Accommodating all major brands and earpiece designs is also a major plus.

It seems likely that many security operatives will be switching to universal earpieces soon, so order yours today if you want to get ahead of the curve.

All things considered, these little beauties really feel like a gift from the security gods – a token of appreciation for many jobs well done. You know what? We’ll take it.

You can find a wide range of Universal earpieces here

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