URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Support “Courage” for the Smiley Charity Film Awards Nomination

London, United Kingdom – In a bid to secure a prestigious nomination for the Smiley Charity Film Awards, the Consortium for the Prevention of Suicide calls upon its dedicated supporters, allies, and the wider community to rally behind the powerful film, “Courage.”

“Courage,” a remarkable testament to the human spirit, has been nominated for the Smiley Charity Film Awards, an event regarded as the Oscars of the charity film world. The winning film will be showcased at the illustrious Odeon Leicester Square in March, an opportunity that could amplify the Consortium’s mission to unprecedented levels.

This is an opportunity to harness the strength of our networks and propel “Courage” to the judging panel round. To achieve this, we urge everyone to take part in this critical initiative by sharing the voting link: Smiley Charity Film Awards – Courage with your colleagues, contacts, friends, and family. Spread the word across all your social media platforms and contact lists. Your support is essential to make a difference.

Voting Deadline: Please share regularly until 12th January, the closing date for voting: https://smileycharityfilmawards.com/films/courage

About the Consortium for the Prevention of Suicide:

The Consortium for the Prevention of Suicide is a beacon of hope, dedicated to fostering understanding, compassion, and collective determination to combat suicide. Our vision extends beyond raising awareness – we aspire to dismantle the barriers that obstruct open dialogue about mental health.

Our mission is clear: to connect with industries, create a workplace environment where mental health discussions are open and supported, and ultimately save lives.

Why You Should Vote for Us:

  1. Empathy in Action: We collaborate with organizations to nurture a culture of empathy. Through workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns, we empower employees and leaders to recognize signs of mental distress, promoting an environment of understanding and support.
  2. Breaking the Stigma: We confront the formidable stigma surrounding mental health head-on. Through public outreach initiatives, storytelling, and personal testimonies, we dispel myths and misconceptions, revealing the human side of mental health struggles.
  3. Engagement: We go beyond awareness – we build resilient organizations. By facilitating engagement and encouraging grassroots-level dialogues, we aim to create a network of understanding and support that reaches every corner of society.

Together, we can turn our vision into reality, where discussing mental health is as natural as discussing physical well-being, and where everyone feels seen, heard, and understood.

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