Welcome to the edition Eleven of TPSO Magazine!

Welcome to the latest edition of TPSO. The theme for this edition has been changed to workplace safety to reflect the majority of articles received. Suggestions for future themes from readers would be gratefully received, what would you like to read about?

Many of you will already be aware that my colleague, and long-time friend, Rollo Davies has left the project. Rollo needs to focus more of his time and energy on his new and demanding role with Bold Security! Rollo has been instrumental in the development of TPSO and there is no doubt that his leaving will have an impact. Big shoes to fill! The parting has of course been entirely amicable, Rollo will I’m sure continue to be a key figure in security industry debates and will continue to contribute going forward. His new workload and responsibilities made sticking to the deadlines imposed by running a magazine very difficult. I’m looking forward to following Rollo’s YouTube channel at ‘Security Rollo’.

There are going to be some changes and conversations about these have been ongoing with key industry figures and organisations. TPSO has and will continue to be all about the security front line! Raising awareness of standards, the levels of violence against security workers and making CPD as widely available as possible will continue to be our focus.

The only decision in place immediately is that editions of the magazine will revert to 3 yearly – this is to help me ensure that I can meet targets. Press releases, announcements, key articles and news can be added to the website and shared at any time.

TPSO is my passion but I still have to go out to work a day job and meet other commitments.

On the CPD front, 2022 is the year that these will finally start to be released. Continuing Professional Development courses that introduce new topics and add to your knowledge and skills base are expected to be very popular. Currently nearing completion an introduction to body worn video which I’ve found very educational myself. As body worn cameras are becoming almost a standard item in a lot of places it behoves us in the industry to learn more about best practice and generally getting the most out of them!

The initial target is to have a stable of 100 CPD courses available for frontline – its going to take time and effort but will be well worth it.

Meanwhile keeping informed has never been easier. Corps Security regularly releases a newsletter with news and updates from the security industry – Corps Relay and G4S publishes regular updates via their Global Intelligence System (GIS).

You may already know about this, but If on a Sunday you fancy a try at a debate question, try SephinSecurity’s Sunday Debate on LinkedIn. John started this Sunday morning debate just over 2yrs ago and covers a range of questions. Follow the hash #sundaydebate and get involved!

If you’d like to expand your knowledge now why not check out one of the first articles published way back in edition 1: Is Online Learning For Me? by Dr Alison Wakefield FSyI

There is a lot of information freely available via TPSO thanks to the contributions made by a fantastic bunch of people! Until next time!