What to Look out for When Buying a Second Hand Safe

Being environmentally-conscious and responsible is something we all should be thinking about – and it is no different when it comes to safes. When buying a safe you need to ensure that is secure enough so that you feel safe enough leaving possessions and valuables inside. As well as buying a brand new safe, there is also the option of buying a second-hand, reconditioned safe. Here’s what to watch out for when choosing second-hand safes.

Ensure You Buy from a Reputable Seller

When buying something as important as a safe, you must ensure that you are purchasing from a company that is reliable and has a good, strong reputation. You are placing valuables inside, and it needs to be trustworthy. If a safe isn’t safe, well, what’s the point?

Do your research on the company you are buying the safe from – are they well-known? Do they have a good history of consumer feedback? Ensure you compile as much information and research on different sellers as possible before choosing your safe, and don’t be afraid to contact companies for information first.

Be wary of purchasing a safe from a private seller as it can be difficult to confirm whether any other safe keys or combinations have been made, which can jeopardise the security. If you buy from a recognised and reliable seller, you know your safe will be secure.

How Old is the Safe and What Condition is it in?

The age of the safe is something to consider if you are going down the road of purchasing a used, reconditioned safe for your home or business. With designs and development of safes progressing over the years, it could be the case that the desired locking system may not have been available when the safe was made. This is very important to consider, as the lock and therefore safe may not be suitable for what you need it to be.

Some newer features on more modern safes are nice to have, but depending on your needs and budget, they may not be essential. Even though it isn’t brand new off the production line, the security features on the used safe are likely to be advanced enough to keep out burglars and thieves.

Consider the condition of the safe. This doesn’t just refer to cosmetic damage, but the actual fundamental purpose of the safe. Whether a safe has been looked after or not makes all the difference as to whether a used safe is going to be the best option for your needs.

What Do You Need the Safe For?

It is important to think about the job you need the safe to do, the industry it is going to be used in, and how secure you need it to be. There are various types of safe available, including underfloor safes security cabinets and deposit safes. These types of safe can be used for different purposes including cash, jewellery, important documents and even firearms and medication. It is important you choose the right safe for the needs of your business or property.

Used safes may well be the best option for you, particularly as you may require a type of safe that is no longer in production. A second-hand safe may have the exact dimensions you require; something that may not be possible or would be too costly with a brand new safe.

How Much is it?

Now one of the main benefits of choosing a second-hand safe over a brand new one is the financial saving – it will be cheaper. This comes with a word of warning however; be wary of prices that seem too good to be true. There may be a reason why that safe is so much cheaper than other options, and there may be a hidden issue with it that ultimately could cost you more than the saving in the long run. Of course, look for the financial saving, and get the best deal possible – but watch out for those safes that are just too cheap. Make sure the safe you do choose comes with a guarantee so if there are any issues after sale, you are covered.


While a second-hand or reconditioned safe could be the perfect choice for you, make sure you choose the right safe for the job, check the condition it is in, and ensure you are looking at products from a reliable, reputable seller. Following these tips will give you the best chance of making a second-hand safe work for you.

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About the Author: Owen Marshall