Where should I publish?

Well, the good news is, you are spoiled for choice! The bad news is, you are spoiled for choice! Spreading yourself too thin can hurt you, and you should be prepared to be flexible.

Once you’ve written up your work you can, indeed should, publish it via your own website, together with copyright notice and full credits! In the UK you don’t have to put a copyright notice on your work to be protected, in other parts of the world you do. When publishing articles and blog posts it’s a good idea to insert a copyright notice. If you publish something ‘copyright free’ it means that anyone else can use it without giving you any credit for your work at all.

This is a link to information on copyright for UK based publishers:


There are informational sites for each country. If you are publishing anything, you need to understand copyright!

Where to publish – there are an uncountable number of publications and websites that will accept submissions as long as they are relevant to their readers and meet their criteria. At TPSO we’ve simplified that to ‘relevant to our readership’ which are front line security workers. It sounds limiting but it really isn’t, there are hundreds of topic subjects of direct and indirect interest. For example, can you claim tax relief if you have your uniform dry cleaned? What’s the best bit of mobile kit to form a temporary vehicle barrier? What’s the latest news from the SIA and how do I keep up to date?

All completely different article ideas but all relevant to a front-line security readership. I’m working in a uniformed position and hold an SIA License, and stopping vehicles is of interest to anyone using public spaces so I’d read all 3 of these if someone penned them.

You can go social media; LinkedIn is one of the better for articles. You can link back to your main website to increase interest in your other works and raise your profile.

Blogging sites abound – its best to stick to reputable, well established sites. I’m not making any recommendations du to lack of time to do that research.

Why do I say above you should publish everything via your own website, even if you are posting it elsewhere as well?

Other locations are not under your control, it only takes a site to close, change its rules or for an error to be made and you could lose your public platform. Having your own website to fall back on is only common sense.

Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to websites and think its going to be really expensive. TPSO offers preferential website setup and hosting for self-employed and small to medium sized businesses. So if you want to develop your own platform get in touch and have a no obligation chat…

For web development our trading platform is www.nextskiver.cominfo@netskiver.com