White Paper: The Future of Push to Talk Communications by Andrew J Clark MD G6 Global

PotsDOCK Extreme Covert Piracy Solution
PotsDOCK Extreme Covert Piracy Solution

If you are a professional user of traditional ‘push to talk’ two-way radio communications, this will fundamentally change the way you view the use of your radios.

As a company, G6 Global has been supplying professional radio solutions to users for whom communications is Mission Critical since 1999. One of the first questions I am always asked when discussing a clients requirements is “What range can I expect from my radios?”

This is a valid question, and vitally important to them if they are going to decide whether radio is the right solution for their needs.

Sadly, the answer is often less than concise. You see radio coverage is governed by a
number of factors; frequency, location, geography, topology, antenna type, antenna height, weather, terrain, radio type, local interference………..and the list goes on.

Explaining this to a customer has always felt unsatisfactory to me. It almost feels evasive, like I can’t give them a definitive answer because there are too many variables, but that is exactly the point: I can’t give them a definitive answer because there are too many variables.

In some circumstances we can achieve outstanding coverage, way beyond what we would usually expect, in others we can struggle to achieve the bare minimum

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