Who to Follow On Social Media?

January 2019

Social media can be a fantastic source of news, knowledge and even networking opportunities. Just recognise and avoid the current torrent of, and I hate to use the term, “Fake News”…

Twitter tends to be the ‘go to’ source for up to date news and views.

LinkedIn has a huge stockpile of articles giving advice and guidance across the whole spectrum of Security.

Facebook has a large number of interactive pages on many security fields, giving you a chance to voice your opinion and hear the thoughts of others.

Instagram has a huge stockpile of people photographing their dinner or showing everybody how great they look in a mirror!

(Very bitter. Did you get banned again?……… Ed.)

For our purposes, Twitter and LinkedIn are the formats to get involved in, with the highest amount of industry professionals out there, giving their valuable views and advice.

If I were you, I’d find and follow these people:

As with all things TPSO, this should just get you started and give you food for thought.

If you have any better ideas, simply let us know at: admin@peerpublishing.ltd