Why join the site?

The planned magazine, The Professional Security Officer, is a brand new venture due to be launched in September 2018. Until then nothing much is going to be happening on this site. Due to the work involved we are concentrating on the launch edition of the publication. This site and some promotional materials are being set up to support the launch once the magazine is live.

A membership function on this site has been set up using a plugin called buddypress (BP).

Why join the site and why BP?

The reason for joining the site is to keep up to date with new material thats added to the site. Once you’ve confirmed your account BP then allows you to set up several functions as shown in this image:

BP uses to two tier joining process. You register an account and are then sent an email with a link that you need to click on to activate it. You can delete your account at anytime.

We do not maintain a mailing list off site. This means that you have total control over your account and interactions with the site. As we are all about security we suggest that you chose a unique username and throw away email for use on this site.

Of course if you have any issues and need any help just get in touch!